Monday, February 2, 2009

j-QAF Program

The letters of the JQAF educational program stand for the Malay language (Jawi), the Noble Qur'an (Q), the Arabic Language (A) and the Islamic obligatory duties, Forood (F).

"The program letters stand for four integrated pillars to build a Malaysian character in accordance with an Islamic vision that catches up with tools of the modern age."

"The letter "J", referring to the Malay language (Jawi), stands for the Malaysian heritage," he said.

He added that such efforts mainly aim at reviving the Islamic heritage and history written in the Malay language.

"The letter "Q" refers to the Noble Qur'an to be taken as a way of life, the letter "A" stands for the Arabic language as the main tool to understand the Islamic Textbook, while the letter "F", referring to the Islamic obligatory duties (Forood), urges to pay utmost attention to the Islamic duties in all fields."

To render the program a success, the Malaysian government has launched a parallel project to train teachers to be qualified to implement the program in all educational grades, according to Ahmad.

To realize this end, the Malaysian education ministry had appointed around 30,000 teachers to help implement the program.

Ahmad further stressed that JQAF would not be applied to non-Muslim students at schools, adding they would study a subject on ethics instead.

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